After a Hail Storm

Important instructions after a hail storm damage

  1. Check trees, shrubs and plants around your house, record any damage, check for root damage, patio covers, screens
  2. windows, wood fences and siding.
  3. Check power-lines and make certain none are downed at your house or lying near water.
  4. You are responsible to prevent future damage to your property.
  5. Questions neighbors about any damage to their property.
  6. Check with local TV about area damage.
  7. Review your insurance policy contend with local insurance agent or the company
  8. Inspection for damage to your roof
    • Insurance Adjuster
    • JDV Construction Inspection
  9. Get free inspection and free estimate by JDV Construction.
  10. If repairs are less than your deductible of your policy you may not want to file a claim.


Determine If There Is Hail Damage

It is important to thoroughly inspect your roof immediately after a hail storm. Though damage caused by a large stone would be immediately apparent the damage caused by smaller stones may not be so simple to detect.

Hail can cause a number of different types of roof damage that without inspection could be missed until they become much more severe problems. Because hail is so dense even relatively small stones can break through or knock off shingles. There can be structural damages to eves, as well as gutter damage. Any of these issues can result to small or hidden leaks which can threaten the integrity of the underlying structure of your roof.

There are several options for post hail damage storm inspection.

You can attempt an inspection yourself; however an undertaking of this nature especially in the immediate aftermath of a storm can be quite dangerous. It is best not to attempt a full scale inspection of your roof, unless you are employed in the roofing industry. Assuming you are not a professional roofer your options are to call your insurance company, or call roofing professionals yourself. Before doing so, however, it is advisable to check your insurance policy. You may be liable for the costs of having your roof inspected, after that inspection as stated above if the repairs are less than your deductible then despite the fact that you have just paid for a roof inspection you may still have to go out and pay for the repairs.By these way you can repair your damage after hail storm.