Roof Tips for Homeowners

Regular Roof Maintenance

  • For roof maintenance keep your homes in good repair all year long.
  • Make sure roofing shingles are secure, garage doors are reinforced and unnecessary debris is removed from the yard.
  • In high winds, loose debris can cause significant property damage or personal injury and can block drains and sewers which results in flooding.
  • Check your roof for leaks or damage to rain gutters.

Some Important Roof tips

  • See that trees or branches are not in danger of falling on your home because it damages your roof.
  • Closely inspect your trees looking for weak branches that could fall in high winds.
  • Removal of large tree debris from your yard is not covered by your homeowners insurance.
  • Remember, the roof expense of clean up is your responsibility.

Three Winter Roof Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

The three most important winter roof maintenance tips for homeowners include snow removal, protection and ventilation. Contact your local JDV construction to learn more about keeping your roof healthy during the winter.

Follow the above roof tips who are homeowners.